Saturday, 19 January 2013

Veronica Cottam

Veronica Cottam
4th-5th, 11th-12th, 18th-19th July
Saturday/Sunday - 10am to 6pm
Veronica began working professionally as a photographer in 2005, creating stirring landscapes and meaningful portraits.

Veronica’s current collection is a multi-faceted study of the United Kingdom’s coastline, valleys and other hidden treasures through both colour and black and white photography. Beginning in Wales, this collection studies first Mid and West Wales featuring the Twyi Valley and Pembrokeshire before heading North into Snowdonia and then back South into the Rhymney Valley. Moving into England, Veronica looks as far south as Cornwall and as far North as the Lake District, finally arriving in Scotland, at Lake Lomond, by the end.

This is by no means a complete story of the United Kingdom but rather moments in time gathered together. Also included is a detailed illustration of the flora and fauna that make up the journey along the way.

Veronica was born in the United States and currently lives and works in Cardiff.

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