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Julie Ann Sheridan Small, Quiet Efforts

Julie Ann Sheridan
Small, Quiet Efforts
Private View Saturday 17th November

A series of paintings that depict an abstracted view of one of the last truly wild areas of Wales, The Black Mountain.

Julie’s latest series of paintings examine universal design prevalent in the landscape, including structure, natural pattern and repetition. As a result the paintings give a sense of both distance and detail within the same frame.

Photographs are used to reconstruct images that appeal to her about landscape. It is the incidental elements within a landscape she is consistently drawn to, such as a patch of lichen or an unexpected mark found on the corner of a stone. The paintings isolate small sections of ground, foliage or water, cropped from the larger landscapes. Closing in on the abstract aspect of pattern combined with the reconstruction of images diverts the focus away from the traditional narrative of the subject matter, landscape.

Julie works on a number of paintings at one time and this allows her to transport strong elements from one piece to the next. Each painting shares some details with other works in the series to seek cohesion across the work.

The final images depict a push and pull between representation and abstraction and the resulting paintings re-create the landscape in an effort to express its essence.
Weekends 10am-5pm
November 17th - December 16th 2012


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