Saturday, 19 January 2013

Duncan McDonald Johnson New Paintings and Drawings

Duncan McDonald Johnson
New Paintings and Drawings
Weekends from 2nd - 17th April
Duncan, in his first show at the Last Gallery since November 2008, exhibits a set of work derived from the land and places of worship around the artist’s home, Llangadog.
Working outside, often to a point of resolution, permits him to relate the whole experience. The air, scent and sounds are conveyed in this set of romantic paintings and drawings. . Working in oils and watercolour, paintings originate in the field; sometimes developed to a finished state, at other times completed in the studio.
Duncan attended the Natural History Illustration course at Gelli Aur, Llandeilo seventeen years ago. After this he returned to his native Cambridgeshire where the focus of his work shifted towards the landscape. Having spent five years painting in the open air in the Fenland region, he returned to live in Wales in 2005.


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