Saturday, 19 January 2013

Julie Ann Sheridan Corrugated Landscapes

Julie Ann Sheridan
Corrugated Landscapes

Weekends from 12th November - 18th December 2010

Corrugated Landscapes is a series of semi abstract paintings by Julie Ann Sheridan focusing on corrugated structures within the Welsh landscape.
Visually, corrugated iron is a material with its own inherent light and shade. The ridges give texture and their uniformity is deceptive; wrapped around buildings the lines are never quite straight. It is a low status material used for inexpensive barns and sheds. It has an uncared-for feeling, often neglected. Julie is drawn to the shabby nature of the material and the way in which, unlike most other construction materials it is rarely maintained, and how its deterioration gives it an organic form.
The paintings are of commonplace structures sited near roads, usually sitting in open fields or in clutches on farm settlements. They are unassuming, functional and undecorated and their simplicity forms an important part of the Welsh landscape.
While working on these paintings Julie became absorbed by the possibilities of building more varied forms in their place. Her imagined constructions are fantasy barns; Heath Robinson constructions in tin cladding; landscape white elephants.

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