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Jacob Buckland New Paintings

Jacob Buckland

New Paintings
Weekends from 9th - 31st October 2010

Jacobs’s second show at The Last Gallery documents his interested in the beauty of rural landscape and natural history. His work is a response to observations and feelings about particular places and moments in time and the memories of those experiences.

This focus extends beyond the location or object depicted. Places and objects are transformed by weather and season, day and night, and can momentarily appeal to personal sensibilities. The pristine silence of a winter landscape, the nostalgia of a summer evening, or the drama and force of a secluded waterfall can carry the weight of a picture and symbolise something universal - about life.

For this group of paintings he has used his own photography as a reference point, from time spent in Wales and recent trips to Yorkshire and Finland. They are made up of hand-painted squares as a system of producing each piece. This allows a way of balancing the point at which a deconstructed image, to do with tone and colour, becomes a recognisable motif.

Originally from Shropshire, Jacob moved to Wales in 2006, having studied illustration at Carmarthenshire College of Technology and Art, and the Royal College of Art in London.

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