Saturday, 19 January 2013

Julie Ann Sheridan Reframed Dereliction

Julie Ann Sheridan
Reframed Dereliction

Weekends from 12th November - 18th December 2011

In her fifth show at The Last Gallery Julie moves closer towards her focus on the mundane producing a series of semi-abstracted views of dereliction in her local area, the main focus being on shape and colour.
“The resulting simple paintings of varying states of abandonment or neglect are charming, awkward and depict a strong use of pattern, colour and subtlety whilst retaining a strange sense of character and atmosphere reminiscent of painting and design styles from the early 1900’s.”
Focusing on local areas of dereliction Julie reclaims objects and structures newly restoring their purpose and importance pictorially. Each image transforms the situation into something more significant, embracing the abandoned. This in itself appeals to the human fascination with beauty in the mundane.
Her work remains generally in miniature (miniatures were originally used as gifts. A businessman might send a courier with a miniature to potential client; soldiers and sailors might carry miniatures of their home while traveling, or a wife might keep a portrait of her husband while he was away. Here Julie creates a series of miniatures in response to the current economic climate and a demand for more usable art) with some selected larger additions.


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