Saturday, 19 January 2013

Liz Brickell Dereliction: Dialogue with a house

Liz Brickell

Dereliction: Dialogue with a house
7th-8th and 14th-15th August

Liz’s third installation at The Last Gallery documents interventions with two derelict houses. Casts of objects associated with domesticity have been introduced to selected features, responding to the disorderly aesthetics of the ruin implying a restoration of function.
“The space of the abandoned house can lure us into its cavities of mystery and intrigue. It presents us with a violation of order, dismissal of function and exaggerated stimulation of our senses. Objects within can provide us with both connections and disconnections serving as testimonies to past events but also as ‘real’, ‘touchable’ products of time.”
In opposition to this, altered items of furniture have been denied their original function. They have become hybrid objects echoing the collapse of order and restrictive access to the derelict houses. This dichotomy between removal and restoration of function aims to create a tension reflective of both the unease and beauty witnessed within dereliction

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