Wednesday 30 October 2013

Multiple Views - An exhibition of new paintings and collages by Julie Ann Sheridan

23rd November - 22nd December

Weekends 10am-5pm

Multiple Views asks the visitor to step into a constructed landscape, a landscape of alternative views. The first series of images offer up fragments of the landscape with small, refined, collaged views of the Black Mountain, Wales.
The familiar landscape is then transformed in chopped-up painted surfaces, an exploration in surface and depth. These paintings are an aesthetic re-working of the landscape, an amalgamation of earth, water, and sky for geometric effect. The shapes and outlines are a visual record of Julie’s walks in the mountains, a realisation of the natural forms and negative space she finds there; an interpretation of the complex, landscape of south Wales.

"…juxtaposing sections of surrounding landscapes, drawing attention to the way individual shapes frame and exist in the landscape of this stunning part of the world".
The titles of the works are a further juxtaposition - plundered from music, Julie makes associations between the landscape and the sounds she constantly carries around in her head.

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